PT Cahaya Pundimas Indonusa

Import Service

We have tailored made service to consignee/ importer that offers smoother flow of the cargo, documentation and shipping cost.

At Cahaya Pundimas Indonusa Import, we have tailored made service to consignee/ importer that offers smoother flow of the cargo, its documentation and shipping cost controlling while expediting cargo deliveries.

Benefits of Import Service:

  • Our overseas agent maintains maximum flexibility in use of carriers and modes.
  • Reduce the transportation companies in your import programs, thereby simplifying communications and creating a faster flow of goods at an overall lower cost. Consequently, more control over your inventory.
  • Purchase order monitoring provides accurate information on your cargo status, such as the readiness of cargo from vendors, plan shipment date and arrival date of cargo.
  • Use of house B/L for banking purposes allows less-critical documents to move through the banking channels while the actual customs clearance documents and the ocean Bill of Lading will be immediately dispatched to Indonesia for customs declaration. This will facilitate the prompt release of cargo upon arrival at the destination port.
  • Full range of services available to provide tighter control over cargo movement.
  • Substantial reduction of destination local charges and possible for longer free demurrage time for FCL Shipment.

To sum up, you can control your import cargo delivery date better due we had received the necessary documentation on hands as soon as cargo departs loading port and for us to check the documents for discrepancy or error to prepare for pre customs declaration.

How to use our service
To Initiate and fully utilized our services, it is important that you notify your vendors immediately to ship the cargo through our overseas agent and advise us of the purchase order